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Site Selection & Incentive Negotiation

Strategic Development Group is a nationally recognized professional consulting firm offering expert site analysis, site selection, and incentive negotiation services. The firm has directed over $1.8 billion of capital investment projects currently under construction and our client base consists of large multinational and US-based companies. Strategic Development Group’s headquarters is located in Columbia, South Carolina and the firm conducts business throughout the United States.

Strategic Development Group operates under principles of ethical practice while delivering expert advice that creates profound value for its clients in a timely and cost effective manner.

Site Search & Evaluation

Based on the specific needs of its clients, Strategic Development Group screens and identifies appropriate sites.

This process includes a thorough analysis of transportation, utility, demographics, labor draw, geotechnical, and environmental considerations. The firm assists its clients in evaluating the costs of developing sites under consideration.

Headquarters Site Analysis & Selection

Based on the specific needs of our clients, Strategic Development Group screens and identifies potential cities for headquarters or back office locations. This process includes a thorough analysis of transportation, business logistics, various costs of doing business, demographics, labor draw, cost of living, and other considerations. We then assist clients in identifying potential existing buildings or locations for new construction that will best suit their needs within the geographic area.

Incentive Analysis & Negotiation

Site location decisions are often accompanied by agreements or memorandums of understanding that include commitments related to tax incentives, utility incentives, training, and installation of infrastructure. Follow-up related to timelines and securing of commitments is critical to project success. Strategic Development Group provides post-location follow-up services to ensure timely and complete delivery of commitments.

Post Location Follow-up

Strategic Development Group has developed project search and negotiation strategies which are efficient and value generating. Our focus is exclusively on our client’s success and not our compensation. We are not compensated based on real estate commissions or other referral fees because these compensation methods may drive selection recommendations away for the core goal — client value and success. Our business is conducted with the highest ethical standards.

Government & Public Relations Services

Strategic Development Group, Inc. provides governmental and public relations services to its clients that facilitate the site location and negotiation process as well as enhance the perception of its clients by government entities and the general public. Services include offering general government protocol advice, securing high-level appointments, and preparing news articles and press releases.

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