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Economic Development

Strategic Development Group provides a variety of economic development services to local, regional, and state economic development organizations designed to enhance their ability to attract desired investment and create quality jobs. Strategic Development Group principals have extensive public and private sector economic development experience and focus on a results-oriented consulting approach.

Site Certification

Strategic Development Group has extensive experience related to site certification in multiple states and utilizes a proven certification methodology to verify the suitability of sites for industrial locations. This process includes evaluating site characteristics including, but not limited to:

  • Environmental conditions
  • Wetlands and archeological status
  • Floodplain status
  • Geotechnical status
  • Zoning and surrounding buffers
  • Utility service
  • Transportation status
  • Verification of Performance Targets

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is essential to defining priorities and strategies for economic development entities. Strategic Development Group, leveraging our extensive economic development experience, works with executives of economic development entities to establish:

  • Organizational Visioning
  • Definition of Organization Missions
  • Verification of Key Objectives
  • Definition of Goals and Related Timelines
  • Verification of Performance Targets

Peer City Comparisons

Knowing your location’s strengths and weaknesses is critical intelligence, but knowing how those factors compare to competitor cities is also important. For peer city projects, Strategic Development Group first identifies competitor cities for manufacturing, headquarters, distribution, and/or back office projects. We then create a quantitative matrix to compare these cities on various factors, including:

  • Business logistics
  • Labor draw and workforce demographics
  • Costs of doing business, including tax rates, utility rates, and cost of construction
  • Cost of Living

Marketing Services

Targeted marketing services are critical to assisting economic development clients in attracting high-quality jobs and investments while conserving scarce funding allocations. Strategic Development Group offers the following marketing services to economic development clients:

  • Evaluation of a Region’s Assets and Liabilities
  • Cluster Analysis and Related Recommendations for Development of Industry Clusters
  • Targeting Marketing Analysis
  • Identification of Targeted Industries and Corporations
  • Marketing Trip Planning and Execution
  • Development of Existing Industry Programs

Personnel & Compensation Planning

Development of organizational structures that execute the objectives and goals of an economic development group is key to success. Strategic Development Group provides consulting services aimed at designing optimal organizational staffing plans to promote an area’s strategic plan. Strategic Development Group also develops compensation and bonus systems designed to attract, retain, and enhance staff performance.

Conference & Retreat Speaking

Strategic Development Group’s expansive knowledge of current trends in economic development, site selection decision-making, and regional and global economic trends provide informative background for speeches and talks to economic development gatherings of all sizes. Presentations are entertaining and designed to fit the needs of each individual client.

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